Tuesday, March 9, 2010



Conditions were excellent. Soft snow on north facing aspects, and corn on south slopes. To get laps in I stayed North. Saw some tracks of really crazy lines in the Teddy Bear Chutes. Here's some photos.

About to drop in to the left Teddy Bear Chute. Intense drop and straightline combination.

Teddy Bear Chutes and Spook Hill. If you look closely, there is an insane line skied in the spines between the main Teddy Bear Chutes and the double air.

View up the chair. Snow was nice and soft in the bowl.

Skied Elk Chutes twice from the traverse and once from the top. It's finally filled in. I skied in the cliffs bottom left of the picture which had a soft snow layer on top, but an lower icy layer right below it. Sent one of the airs.

Another view of the Teddy Bear Chutes and Paradise Bowl Chutes. Skied Embryo twice, and aired of the cliff/cornice by the large tree on the edge once. My tracks are visible.

The Bowl was awesome. Hit the air in the middle of the picture three times, and the snow was soft for each. Scared myself straightlining the crud of the bowl from higher and higher points at faster speeds throughout the day.

A very enjoyable day.

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