Sunday, June 13, 2010

Alpental Memorial Day Photos

Just got my photos from Alpental, and I'm impressed. With bad snow and photography conditions Michael Alvernaz did a great job. Here are the photographs and the run-down of May 31st at Alpental. Click on any of them to zoom in.

Hiking up to the snow, which was about 100 feet above the base area. Much less than when Drew and I were at Alpental on the 15th. Still, skiing is skiing.

Making a jump. It's over a cliff and small gap, which was about about 15 feet vertical and horizontal to clear.

The first attempt. I came up short and tail-tapped the rocks. After that I extended in the in-run.

Hiking back for the rebate.

A much better jump. The landing is out of the frame, far to the left.

Same jump, different angle.

Shredding the Alpental gnar, amidst lots of dirty snow.

Definitely some of the best May 31st turns I've ever had.

Hiking up Shot-6 for the goods.

And, boy were they good,

with plenty of snow to spay.

The transportation of the day: my feet. I've really considered the benefits of skins after this hiking adventure.

Someone before us built a kicker, and as it would've been rude not to sample their efforts, I gave it a go. B+

Spinning off a natural lip. Quite a fun find.

Slashing a turn back to the base.

To the end of the snow!

What an epic day and hopefully not my last of the season. After all, that was only May 31st.

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