Saturday, December 4, 2010

2010-2011 184cm Fat-ypus D-Sender Review

I bought the D-Sender this year as my 1-ski quiver, and after two days skiing a multitude of conditions, I feel it's time for a review. In short: I love them.

My Stats-
Ski Aggressively and will be entering in a big mountain comp this year
I ski Crystal Mountain
Was on the 168cm Volkl Gotama last few seasons

184cm Fat-ypus D-Sender
Mounted with Dynastar PXXXL 14 Bindings

Rocker Profile


Zoomed in Tip


Zoomed in Tail


The Review

The D-Sender held up very well on groomed runs, without tip or tail flap. It was very stable throughout, and I only felt somewhat of a speed limit on very icy slopes. It carves well, and gives the option of slarving as well.

I love the D-Sender in pow! There isn't really a speed limit, and it floats like a beast! Any type of turn is possible. Nuff said.

Heavy Powder
Yay I love Cascade Concrete! Not. However, in this tricky snow condition, the D-Sender powers through it well, better at higher speeds. With this ski, fast is the way to go.

The D-Sender descends cliffs like a boss. It's forgiving, so slight backseat (SLIGHT) landings don't kill you. But centered is better. So far I've stomped 20 feet without serious problems.

Again, the D-Sender does better faster, but can handle all of the beautiful crud Crystal Mountain has to offer with ease. This is where the D-Sender's rocker becomes very helpful, and I was really impressed.

I wouldn't call this a freestyle ski by any means, but its a quite light ski, so 180s off little bumps is no problem. I've also experimented skiing switch, which the D-Sender does quite easily.

All in all this is an excellent charging ski, with a forgiving playful side. Compared to other skis i've tried, it's a blend of Blizzard's The Answer and Volkl's Katana, with a hint of the Atomic Blog's pop and playfulness. Quite the perfect combination. And the topsheet has a narwal. I really recommend it!

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  1. Nice Honest Review, Thank you. Allan Martin, Powder Stoked the Canadian Distributor of Fat-ypus Skis.