Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Freeride Competition and Footage

Here is the next episode of Crystal Mountain Moments.
I was expecting to make several more, but a torn rotator cuff wrecked some havoc on my season.
I had to take several weeks off, and then when I made it to Aspen, I had to tone it down, hence the one shot in the episode. Conditions either weren't right for filming, or the terrain was too mellow.
Finally, still not 100% but better, came the Crystal Mountain Junior Freeskiing Nationals. It was my first comp and I placed 17th. Definitely not where I wanted to be, but the comp was an invaluable learning experience. Here are my thoughts on the lines:

Day 1 Elk Shoots
28.3 Points (20th/39th places)
For my first real comp run, it went ok. I skied the top section well, but stopped and later went off the air in the middle section in the wrong spot. I was feeling tentative with my shoulder and went smaller than I should've. And my finish was a disaster. Totally missed my line through the rocks, and almost bit it the entire way down. Oh well, I made it into day 2.

Day 2 Silver King
26.67 Points (17th/39th places overall)
After feeling upset about how my day 1 skiing, and still unable to send anything large with 1 shoulder, I chose one of the most technical lines on the King. Quite the mistake. Throwing spread eagles all the way my alternative Brain Damage line on the other side of the King would've scored much higher, and would've been more fun. Anyways, my chosen line down Pinball was simply too rocky. For half of the top section I wasn't on snow, and was unprepared for that. But I felt content with my air after the madness up top.

Final place 17th. 54.97 Points.
Even though I'm unhappy with my performance, this was an incredible event, and I can't wait for future competitions. The talent and positive energy at Crystal that weekend was as high as it has ever been. Congrats to the winners! Some insane lines were thrown down.

Without further ado, here is Crystal Mountain Moments Episode 3.

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